DSL Internet: What is it, and How Does it Work?

Technology is confusing with all its acronyms and abbreviations. While only three little letters, DSL can make some scratch their heads. Here, you can find all you need to know about DSL Internet, and how to get a high-speed connection of your own.

What is DSL Internet?

DSL stands for digital subscriber line. The line in question is a home phone landline, which is responsible for delivering DSL Internet directly to your home.

Yup – a landline. Even though a home phone line sounds old fashioned, it’s more than capable of providing high-speed DSL Internet service.

Doesn’t dial-up use a landline?True, but DSL actually uses a different kind of technology that delivers fast speeds, and lets you use the Internet and your home phone at the same time. A dial-up connection, which also uses a landline, is incapable of getting you online and on the phone simultaneously.

What if I don’t want a home phone? No problem. More and more DSL providers are offering DSL service that doesn’t require an accompanying home phone service. If you prefer to use your cellphone for all your voice communication needs, you can find DSL Internet providers in your area who can accommodate your needs.

Why do DSL Internet providers offer home phone service then? Simple – bundling. Bundling two or more home services together, like DSL Internet and home phone, saves you time and can even save you money. You can get everything you need all on one phone call. Often, the cost of adding home phone service is insignificant compared to the benefits.

Call today, and you can speak to an Internet specialist who can walk you through the best DSL Internet options for your lifestyle – whether that means an affordable DSL bundle or standalone Internet service!

How does DSL work?

So you know what DSL stands for, but what about DSLAM?

DSLAM is a digital subscriber line access multiplexer. Here, data from your modem is collected and collected into a single signal thanks to multiplexing.

All multiplexing technology does is combines different kinds of data (analog or digital) into one signal via a certain channel or medium.

You connect to the DSLAM simply by the DSL modem and router at your home. All you’ll notice is fast speeds and an always-on connection.

Looking for a wireless Internet connection for your home? Don’t count out DSL – you can make your DSL Internet service wireless with just a simple wireless adapter. A wireless adapter is inexpensive, easy to set up and incredibly convenient.

Are there different kinds of DSL Internet?

DSL has a couple variations including VDSL, SDSL and ADSL Internet.

VDSL, or very-high-bit-rate DSL is the fastest of the three. ADSL also offers fast Internet speeds, but can’t offer as reliable of a connection as a VDSL connection can.

SDSL is the most limited type of DSL. This type of DSL Internet doesn’t support home phone use and Internet use at the same time.

Although simple to differentiate, you might still want to know more about which type of DSL Internet service is available in your neighborhood. A DSL Internet expert is ready to answer any questions you might have, and steer you toward the right DSL Internet service provider for you.

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