DSL Internet Service: Affordability and Reliability Wrapped in One

What’s better than cheap DSL Internet service? Affordable DSL that’s reliable.

It’s easy to find affordable DSL – the trick is finding an Internet connection that is low cost and high quality. DSL Internet service varies by provider, even though the basic characteristics and infrastructures are the same.

DSL Internet service provider differences

  • Coverage area. One of the biggest differences between DSL Internet services is the network coverage. DSL providers can offer Internet in both cities and rural areas, but which cities and rural areas ISPs offer service to vary. So how do you know if your area is serviceable by DSL? A ZIP code check is the best way. Simply call to get up-to-date information about which DSL Internet services are available in your neighborhood.
  • Download and upload speeds. Download speeds can range anywhere from 5Mbps to 50Mbps. Upload speeds are substantially slower because uploading doesn’t require the same amount of speed and bandwidth that downloading media-rich content does. Providers offer different speeds based on distance, infrastructure and budget.
  • Features. When you pick a DSL Internet service, likely one of the things that will catch your eye is flashy features. These can be anything from free equipment (like modems and routers) to free email addresses, security suites and 24/7 technical support. If you’re unsure of all the different types of features out there, an Internet specialist on the phone can help you sort them out and find what’s available.
  • Bundling. Everyone likes to save money and time, and bundling is a great way to do both. Many DSL Internet providers give you the option to bundle Internet and home phone together. You can order both on the same phone call, saving time. Often, the monthly cost of both home phone and DSL Internet service is so low, you could end up saving money. Bundles can also include TV service – so you can get fast DSL Internet, reliable and affordable home phone plus entertaining TV service, all at the same time.
  • Professional/self-installation. Technology can be tricky to set up if you aren’t familiar with the equipment. If you aren’t comfortable setting up your DSL Internet service, you can find a provider who is. Professional installation is a common offer among DSL providers, as is self-installation. If you order a DSL plan that comes with a self-installation kit, don’t panic. Usually these kits come with explicit and user-friendly instructions that make setting up your Internet connection stress free and easy.

Even though DSL Internet service providers have their own way of doing things, one commonality among them is that affordable DSL is at the top of the priority list.

Call today to find out the affordable DSL Internet service options where you live.