DSL Internet: Speeds for Work, Fun and Play

Everyone has the same concern when it comes to Internet – they want it to be fast.

Slow Internet slows down your day, slows down your mood and speeds up your temper. DSL high-speed Internet is a perfect way to fight slow speeds and get online without fuss.

But how fast is DSL? What kind of activity can a DSL Internet connection support? Is DSL high-speed Internet?

DSL Internet speeds: the basics

How fast is fast when it comes to Internet? You see providers offering 24, 6, 18, 50, 1, 10 Mbps – but what do those numbers actually mean when it comes to downloading videos, music and pictures?


Whether you want to download a hit single or a whole album, you need reliably fast speeds. In one minute, you can download roughly:

  • 40 songs with 35Mbps DSL Internet speeds.
  • 25 songs with 20Mbps DSL Internet speeds.
  • 5 songs with 5Mbps DSL Internet speeds.


You don’t want to confine your entertainment just to your TV, which is why high-speed Internet is a must-have for any active household. To download a movie, it would roughly take:

  • A 50Mbps DSL connection less than 10 minutes to download a full-length film.
  • A 15Mbps DSL connection less than 30 minutes to download a feature film.
  • A 1Mbps DSL connection around 7 hours to download a 3 GB movie.


Photos aren’t just pictures – they’re memories. You want to preserve as many great moments as possible by uploading pictures to your computer. Upload speeds vary dramatically from download speeds, but in 60 seconds you can still upload roughly:

  • 30 photos with DSL Internet speeds of 5Mbps.
  • 10 pictures with DSL Internet speeds of 2Mbps.
  • 5 pictures with DSL Internet speeds of 1Mbps.

So how fast is DSL? A lot of that has to do with the Internet service provider (ISP) that you choose. Different DSL providers offer different plans with varied speeds to accommodate families and homes with different budgets and online needs.

Find your ideal DSL Internet speeds today!

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