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Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology is one of the best high speed Internet options available today. An ideal choice for your home, DSL is highly accessible, easy to install, and extremely affordable with packages starting as low as $19.95/month. DSL service is a great way to get your home online. But let's learn more about what DSL can do for you.

How Does DSL Work?

DSL service works by using your existing phone line, although it doesn’t interfere with your phone service. With minimal equipment and an easy setup, you can be connected and running in minutes. As opposed to cable companies who frequently require you to rent expensive equipment from the company, costing you even more over time, DSL equipment is minimal and nowhere near as costly.

What are the Benefits of DSL?


DSL works over broadband, so it’s fast. In some cases, it can even surpass the speeds attained by the high speeds promised by cable companies.


Cable companies don’t have the market cornered on bundling. If you are looking to get your home set up with a complete entertainment package then look no further than DSL. DSL bundles with your satellite TV and phone service, you can save even more money than if you use the service by itself.


There is no beating the price of DSL. You can be surfing online for as little as $19.95/month and if you bundle it, it’s even cheaper.


DSL doesn’t turn off when you go to bed. It’s always on and ready to go. There are no buttons to push or numbers to dial in to. It’s ready to go when you are.

No Sharing

With DSL you are hardwired in. That means there is no competition for service. Your signal is constant and is not being split or weakened by your neighbor’s Internet activity. That means even at peak hours, you will get the same response rate as you would in the middle of the night. .

How Can I Find DSL Internet Service in My Area?

Finding a DSL service provider is easy to do. Broadband DSL is available nationwide. in most areas. With the best coverage of any broadband Internet service, you are just moments away from finding Internet freedom. Choose your location below to find out more information about DSL service available in your area.

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High speed DSL offers you the freedom and flexibility to go online at your convenience with speeds that rival the best available. Offering you the ability to bundle your Internet with TV and phone service, you can make an already affordable service that much cheaper. DSL service providers are everywhere. Call and discuss your options today.